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Follow Matt: Embarrassing Experiences (ft. Ian Carlo Alincastre)

The theme of this first episode was quite amusing – we talked about embarrassing industry experiences. Our guest Ian shared an embarrassing experience that a lot of us can relate with.
Episode 1: Embarrassing Experiences


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Matt: Welcome to Follow Matt, this is Matt Li. In this series of podcasts, we aim to share interesting, memorable or thought-provoking stories in animation and related industries. The theme of this first episode is quite amusing – we’ll be talking about embarrassing industry experiences. Today, we have Ian, who is a VP of operations in a US-based social media marketing agency and has worked in the IT industry for 3 years.

Matt: Hi Ian, welcome and thank you for coming.

Ian: Hi Matt! Thanks for inviting me to your podcast – I’m excited to be here! I do feel honored being your first guest.

Matt: Cool! Can you tell us an embarrassing story that you have encountered since you started working?

Ian: Yeah, sure! Let me think… there’s one. I work at a US-based marketing agency and we have weekly meetings where we talk about company updates, progress reports, and stuff to work on. So we usually have these meetings at 11 PM where I live – and I won’t be in my best condition most of the time an hour before I sleep. I heard our CEO call my name, signaling that it was my turn to talk, so I did! I was rambling for a good 2-3 minutes discussing what I’ve done for the week and what my priorities were for the following days. Little did I know that my laptop froze shortly before I started speaking, and nobody heard anything that I said! They ended up continuing the meeting without me, and I just sent a written report a few minutes after that. That was really bad.

Matt: Yeah, that must’ve been really awkward. It’s become quite a common thing since people started working from home. Have you ever seen those video clips about embarrassing online meetings? I would rather die than be in one of those situations!

Ian: Yeah I’ve definitely seen a bunch of those! Most of them involved video stuff which is far worse than what I experienced.

Matt: For sure. Anyway, did you learn something from that?

Ian: Yes, I’ve started using my phone for our meetings ever since – it’s a lot more reliable than my laptop.

Matt: That’s definitely a great idea. Thanks for making this podcast so funny. Ian!

Ian: Happy to be here!

Matt: And that concludes the first episode of Follow Matt! Do you like this week’s topic? Feel free to leave a comment and share your unique or embarrassing experience with us!

If you want to learn more about our guest for this episode, here’s his LinkedIn Profile.

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