Me. Photo by Gen Li.
Me. Photo by Gen Li.

👋 Hi, I’m Gen Li from China.

You can also call me Matt. I am a video editor and videographer, graphic designer and media professional.

I am currently studying at the University of Melbourne, and I am taking my Master’s degree in Global Media Communication. Prior to this, I obtained a Master’s degree in Design from Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, in 2020, majoring in Public Visual Communication and Animation.

Professionally, I have worked as an art teacher, stop-motion animation course developer and designer. Now, I am in doing an internship in Tesla Shanghai, helping out with the production of internal training materials and departmental communication.

I consider myself a travel enthusiast. I have visited almost all the provinces in China. This brings me an edge as a media professional, as it allows me to draw inspiration from my different experiences. I also like sports, especially swimming and skiing.

I like to think that I have a flair for video editing and design. During my college years, I have worked in some animations which have won multiple awards in a national level competition in China, wherein our team received project funding and other recognitions.

I have published papers in two domestic academic journals. I take a great interest in the development and research of the film and animation industry in the current digital age.

If you have video editing, graphic design or media writing needs, please contact me.